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You may have more time on your hands nowadays and you want to be sure to boost your immunity in a consistent way.  Simply contact us and let us know which classes you want to attend. We will work out an affordable price for you. 

Boost Immunity with Live Weekly Qigong Classes Online


Monday Fusion Meditation Class

Please join us Monday evenings at 6:30pm for a Fusion of the Five Elements Meditation online class with Marie Favorito.

Prerequisite, the Microcosmic Orbit meditation. Contact Marie.

Let's meditate to rejuvenate and transform our emotional energies to better meet these challenging times together! 



Tuesday morning Meditation Basics

Please Join us at 11am to learn some basic but profound meditation formulas for self love, clarity and transformation. You will learn the Inner Smile, a profound yet simple loving meditation. Also, we'll  practice the Microcosmic Orbit meditation together.




Wednesday Qigong and Meditation Class

 Please join us Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm for Qigong and Meditation. Qigong styles will include:

Golden Light Qigong

Meridian Slapping Qigong

Incense Qigong

Let's meet to rejuvenate and transform the energies 

of these challenging times together!



Book a Private - Alexander Technique lesson

Join Senior Tao Instructor & Alexander Technique teacher-trainer Jamee Culbertson for private lessons in the Alexander Technique, a tool for self discovery and transformation. Some people come for lessons in the Alexander Technique because they hurt and are looking for relief. Others come because they want to become more proficient in an activity. Either way, the Alexander Technique provides a way to access a deep inner flow that simply makes life easier! 

Come to learn or review.  Appointments are scheduled 

Thursdays from 11-2pm

30 Minute Private Lesson via Zoom is $55

60 minute Private Lesson via Zoom is $85

Six, 1 hour lessons package via Zoom: $480

Contact me to schedule your time and receive a link. 


Thursday Tai Chi and Meditation Class

 Please join us Thursdays at 6:30pm for a Tai Chi and Meditation class. Topics will include: Yang style Tai Chi, Qigong and Meditation. Let's gather in movement to transform the energies of these challenging times together!  



Saturday Alexander Technique Class online

Some think of the Alexander Technique as a ‘way’ for growing in consciousness and making changes for an improved life experience. The relationship we have with our self and the natural world around us is a unified field. It's designed to be innately supportive while we experience continuous changes in balance, a multitude of stimuli to respond to moment by moment---including world events. Imagine, getting to choose a response to world events and not only be at the effect of them. Let's meet Saturday mornings at 11am for 90 minutes and explore!


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